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From digital forensics to tactical surveillance, discover how Detego Global are helping a variety of different industries solve 21st-century security challenges.

We are offering an exciting limited time deal for both lab and frontline operators.

Detego offers an all-in-one solution for law enforcement teams, military organisations and enterprises looking to acquire data from:

  • Computers (Windows, macOS & Linux).
  • Phones and applications (Android, iOS, Windows OS, Tizen OS & other mobile OS).
  • Drives removed from computers.
  • USB devices and external drives.
  • Loose media.
  • Drones, iOT devices and more.

The Detego Cyber Monday Offer

  • 25% off on any Detego Suite Standard or Detego Suite Pro license.
  • Upgrade to Detego Suite Ultimate for as little as £2,500 per license per year and add our advanced mobile device extraction and analysis solutions for thousands of phones and apps. Find out more about Detego Suite Ultimate here.
  • Offer valid on purchases made between the 27th of November and expires on the 5th of December 2020.

What is included in the offer:

Detego Suite Standard includes:

Detego Field:
A portable digital forensic solution for field and lab-based investigators to rapidly triage and acquire data from PCs, laptops and servers.

Detego Covert:
A tool for undercover investigators to acquire data from computers including system information, passwords, internet artefacts, deleted data and complete forensic images.

Detego Boot:
Allows the investigator to forensically boot up a target device using a custom boot environment and load all disk volumes as read-only.

Detego Media Acquisition:
A feature-rich tool to acquire and view data from drives removed from computers, USB devices and loose media. Simultaneous device acquisition eliminates the pain points experienced by many investigation departments.

Detego Analyse:
The central hub of all data acquired into the Detego platform with customisable extraction and analysis job queues to automate your investigations and robust, easy to use analytical processes to deep dive into your data and identify the most pertinent evidence in rapid time.

Detego Fusion:
Advanced link analysis technology to build a detailed intelligence picture of exhibits, suspects and cases, helping investigators discover valuable connections between previously un-associated people, places, devices and much more.

Detego Suite Pro includes:

Detego Suite Standard +

Detego Ballistic Imager:
The world’s fastest forensic imaging tool which is capable of imaging a 1TB drive in under 8 minutes. Ballistic Imager is the obvious on-scene choice when you need a complete image of a Windows, macOS or Linux target device in a time-critical situation.

Detego Suite Ultimate includes:

Detego Suite Pro +

Advanced phone unlocking and analysis of the latest smartphones; including the latest Samsung Galaxy S and Note series devices.

  • The number one tool for Android physical and logical extractions.
  • iOS support including full filesystem extraction (checkm8), backup file decryption and keychain extraction.
  • Wide supports for global devices, including the majority of Asian manufactured devices.

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