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Case Manager

An all-in-one platform to effectively manage exhibits, investigations and organisation-wide risks

Unlock your team’s fullest potential with the Detego Case Manager – an all-in-one investigations platform that can efficiently manage all aspects of investigations, incidents, business risk and compliance.

Tailored to meet your organisation’s policies and procedures, Detego Case Manager gives your teams the tools, insights and technology to manage any form of risk you’re faced with. Created with game-changing technology and trusted by some of the world’s biggest enterprises, elite military units and law enforcement teams, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands with Detego’s Case Manager.

Detego Case Manager equips your teams with:

• An intuitive interface and fully customisable workflows to enable users to manage incidents, investigations, cases and exhibits with minimal technical knowledge.

• A single platform to centrally manage all physical and digital exhibits and data, complete with location tracking.

• An action hub for investigators to prioritise and manage central task management – enabling managers and investigators to create, assign and track task progress.

• A visual workflow creator to simplify the development of workflows and manage dependencies.

• A central workflow and form management capabilities to enable the quick implementation of system-wide changes.

• A reduced paper-trail thanks to an intuitive form creator that helps create ISO 9001 compliant forms that can be used throughout the system.

• Complete tracking of all user actions to enable fully auditable case management.

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