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    Detego Field Triage

    A rapid automated triage solution for laptops, PCs and servers

    Rapid field-based digital forensics

    Detego® Field Triage is a portable digital forensic tool for field-based investigators to acquire and act on data captured from PCs, laptops and servers.

    Deployed on a removable storage device or external hard drive, Detego® Field Triage places an incredibly powerful forensic exploitation tool into the hands of non-technical investigators.


    • Rapid automated triage solution.
    • Provides alerts of suspicious items through a red, amber and green status.
    • Highly configurable search profiles.
    • Quickly acquire usernames and passwords.
    • Pocket-sized acquisition tool perfect for frontline agents.
    • Intuitive interface that is easily operated by non-technical users.
    • Patent pending technology.

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