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Detego Ballistic Imager

The world’s fastest forensic imaging tool, built on patented technology.

The world’s fastest forensic imaging tool

Detego® Ballistic Imager is our patented forensic imaging tool, the obvious choice when you need a complete physical image in
time-critical scenarios.

Forensically copy hard disk drives in minutes and allows non-technical users to be fully operational within a 30-minute training overhead.

  • Achieve blisteringly-fast acquisition times using the subject machine to image itself out.
  • Split the imaging process to multiple collectors; utilising all available ports, either in a ‘live’ state or boot mode.
  • Works on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Forensically sound, with MD5, SHA1 & SHA256 validation.
  • Stop extractions before completion without the risk of
    losing any data acquired up to that point.
  • Allows recovery of deleted data.
  • No need to remove the hard drive.
  • Fits in your pocket.

Ballistic Imager Demo:

476.9GB Imaged in 6 minutes 28 seconds.

Imaging speeds 4x faster than the average solution

Average imaging speeds you can expect from a mid-specification device.

  • 1TB – 26 minutes
  • 512GB – 13 minutes
  • 256GB – 7 minutes

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