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Mobile Forensic Software from HancomWITH

Industry leading smartphone data extraction technology delivered by MCM Solutions, exclusive Hancom distributors in USA,
South Africa and Kenya. MCMS are also global distributors.


Data extraction software for Smartphone, Feature phone, Drone, Smart TV, Wearable, IoT device, USIM card, SD memory card, JTAG board, and Chip-off memory.

MD-NEXT is the forensic software for the data extraction of diverse mobile and digital device. It supports physical and logical extraction methods for Android, iOS, Windows OS, Tizen OS, and other mobile OS.


Data analysis software for recovery, decoding, decryption, visualization and reporting evidence data from a mobile and digital device.

MD-RED is the forensic software for the recovery, decryption, visualization, analytic data mining, and reporting evidence data from which are extracted with MD-NEXT or other extraction tools. All the results of the analysis can be exported as the forensic reports for the investigation of crimes and accidents. Also, the analysis module of the latest mobile apps is quickly updated by continuous research.


Mobile forensic software for on-the-spot investigation which performs live extraction and analysis on a mobile device.

MD-LIVE is a mobile live forensic product with a smooth user experience, which can support logical extraction and quick data analysis.

It also supports the selective acquisition from the evidence without privacy infringement, the screen capture and recording of smartphone display mirrored and forensic process recording by an external camera of the internal recording feature.