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Detego Enterprise Search

Fully index enterprise target devices and run ‘Big Data’ analysis and cross matching

Digital device eDiscovery platform

Upon completion of the Digital Forensic investigation, our customers have the capability to fully index (systematically arrange all entries from a device for fast searching and cross-referencing) all data, including data from RAM (in most, if not all, cases, RAM will contain passwords and resident malware), registries and files such as documents, emails, videos, pictures, messages, and all associated metadata on target devices for ‘big data’ analysis and cross-matching in a central location.

The eDiscovery platform is suitable for Enterprise protection, Insider Threat investigations, Cyber-attack and GDPR investigations.

Installed as a hidden application on a device. The system scans all files and extracts the core data, and metadata of files and databases e.g. office documents, text files, databases, email, RAM etc. and scrapes the data into an SQL database on the device. Thumbnails of pictures and videos can also be acquired.

  • Once in Detego® Server, all of the analytical processes are now available to the data e.g. the data is indexed and searched against keyword lists and matched.
  • Thumbnails can be matched against objects using the object ID/deep learning analytics and can be matched against objects such as nudity, paedophile material and weapons.
  • Triggers can automatically generate cases in the Case Management System, for example a match on a keyword like ‘bomb’ could automatically create a case and assign it the relevant investigator. An alert can then be sent to their phone with relevant information included.

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