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A Deep Dive Into Mobile Device Forensics

A deep dive into Mobile Forensics Powered by Detego and Hancom, in partnership with FCI.

Event Location: Webinar
Event Dates: 3rd March 2021 12 Noon EST.
Event Website: GoToWebinar

About the Event:
This one-hour webinar will be a deep dive into our solutions for advanced physical and logical extractions of mobile devices running Android, iOS, and other mobile OSs powered by Detego and Hancom.

 Join us to see why Hancom is the number one tool for Android devices supporting physical extraction of the latest devices including Samsung S10’s and Note 10’s running Android 10.

The Detego & Hancom Mobile Forensics Solutions:

  1. Leading physical and logical data extraction and decryption for 10,000+ Android devices.
  2. Data extraction from 2,000+ applications.
  3. iOS support including backup file decryption and keychain extraction.
  4. Unlock of the latest Android devices
  5. Extraction of mobile devices, IoT, smart TVs, drones and more.