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Solutions for Military

Providing dependable frontline digital forensic solutions for the world’s modem military operators.


In the changing world of military operations towards countering terrorism and serious organised criminality, the exploitation of digital data is universally recognised as a critical advantage against enemy operatives and forces. Detego is your one-stop solution.

Extract data from a huge range of devices

Superfast acquisition of data from Computers (Windows, Mac and Linux) and loose media such as USB Flashdrives and memory cards. Intelligent acquisition from Drones. Plus industry-leading capability on over 15,000 mobile phone profiles.

Use the world’s fastest forensic imaging tool

The creation of Detego® Ballistic Imager is our patented forensic imaging tool, the obvious choice when you need a complete physical image in active hostile environments.

Gather time critical intelligence quickly

Detego has powerful and automated job-queueing built right into the tool, allowing you to quickly unearth safe, time citical actionable-Intelligence. 

Covert solutions for undercover operators

Portable exploitation tools that discreetly and covertly acquire passwords, usernames, system information, files and URLs from a target laptop, PC or server.

Industry leading analytics

Easily managed Hash Value Matching and Keyword Searching. Arabic and Russian fully supported. Integrated PhotoDNA. AI driven automatic Object ID by category of items depicted in Pictures and Video and much, much more…

An intuitive and logical interface

The ethos behind Detego has always been ‘Simple but powerful’. An intuitive and logical interface means that even non-technical soldiers can be quickly up and running. Fully Certified training courses are just 4 days in length.

A True End-to-End Solution for
Elite Military Operations

Detego Ballistic Imager

The world’s fastest forensic imaging tool due to its patent-granted

Detego Field Triage

Detego® Field Triage is a portable digital forensic solution for field based investigators.

Detego Media Acquisition

A simple to use automated forensic imaging solution for acquiring and viewing data from removable media, computers or hard drives and mobile devices.

Detego Military Deployment Pack

The Detego® Rapid Deployment Pack, which includes both hardware and software in a field ready package.

Detego-MD Powered by Hancom

Detego MD combines Hancom’s leading data extraction and decryption capability with Detego Analyse’s easy to use analytics, automation and reporting.

Detego Lite

Powerful, intuitive and forensically sound field-based solution, rapidly extracts and analyses digital evidence. 

Detego Analyse

Detego® Analyse is the central hub that integrates all forensic acquisitions retrieved using the Detego® suite of tools, to provide in-depth analysis capability and extract maximum intelligence.

Detego Fusion

Advanced link analysis across all your digital exhibits.

Detego with Passware

Seamlessly identify encrypted evidence, recover and break through passwords.

Detego Exhibit Case Management

Structured, proven process for managing the handling, processing and reporting of the examinations of digital exhibits.

Detego Investigative Case Management

Case Management

Customised Case Management Solution for your specific investigative workflows.

MCMS has been developing solutions specifically for use within the military arena for over a decade. With the inclusion of Andrew Lister, former Royal Marine with an additional 9 years served within a Tier one Specialist Unit, to our team we have been able to hone our solutions further to seamlessly fit the requirements and  profiles adopted by the world’s elite military organisations. 

Andrew Lister

Business Development Director, MCM Solutions

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