Digital evidence is available in practically every investigation that is being conducted by Intelligence Agencies. Critical information can be uncovered with the use of the right Digital Forensic tools. With the use of these tools, Agencies are able to fight terrorist activity, human trafficking, organised crime among other criminal activities.

Our cutting edge Digital Forensic tools allow Intelligence Agencies, usually operating covertly, to acquire, analyse and act on information in a manner critical to their success. Our solutions have been developed with the exact requirements of the world’s leading Intelligence Agencies. The Detego® Platform has been built to fit seamlessly into the operations of any existing Intelligence Agency.

Modern Intelligence Agencies need to be ready to process information from numerous digital devices (computers, USB’s, memory cards, tablets, external hard drives etc.) at a moment’s notice. The Detego® unified platform is a true end-to-end investigation suite for the acquisition, analysis and reporting of any digital assets.

Detego Military Deployment Pack

Designed initially for Crime Units, The Detego® Rapid Deployment Pack, which includes both hardware and software, has evolved through extensive development into the first end-to-end, user friendly, digital exploitation solution for intelligence agencies. Now the standard choice tool utilised by multiple operations groups globally.


CyberHawk is a powerful surveillance, counter-surveillance and VIP/Force Protection solution that covertly alerts you to the suspects and suspicious individuals that are within your vicinity.

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