Digital Forensic labs are operating in a rapidly changing environment. Unfortunately their technology, processes and procedures have struggled to keep up with the rapid change of criminal behaviour and the technology they use. Digital devices are now readily available and their storage capacities are also increasing. This has resulted in the increased need for greater computing power to acquire and analyse this data. A ‘backlog’ of digital exhibits has since built up as more and more cases require digital forensics. The lack of development of traditional digital forensic tools has not evolved at the same rate as enterprise software which have automated many of their processes.

The modern lab will benefit from the Detego® Platform’s tools to rapidly acquire and analyse data and in many cases automate huge portions of the entire process.

The MCMS team brings vast experience with setting up and modernising digital forensic labs around the world. Simon Warren, Director – Professional Services, has set up new digital forensic labs in dozens of countries throughout Africa, the Middle East and Latin America and has helped modernise labs across Europe and the USA.

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