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    Enterprise Solutions

    Bespoke Digital Forenics, Case Management and eDiscovery solutions, specific to your organisations requirements.


    We have developed a number of solutions to detect and prevent insider breaches and data theft, analyse all forms of media with a robust and legally sound digital forensic platform as well as manage the entire investigative process.

    Our insider threat and data protection solutions work discreetly to monitor potential data loss, fraud and corporate data theft, allowing you to monitor employee interaction with indecent and inappropriate material, radicalisation and the sudden change in the digital behaviour of an employee.

    John-Paul Backwell

    Business Development Director, MCM Solutions


    Transform your case management

    Detego Case Management allows you granular control and oversight of all your physical exhibits – and powerful management of the investigation itself, all in a single unified platform.  


    Dynamic Endpoint Security

    A bespoke eDiscovery and

    endpoint management platform for computers and mobile devices. 

    The perfect solution for detecting suspicious employee activity, including fraud, theft, bullying, illicit material, corporate espionage and much more.

    Analyse data from a huge range of devices

    Superfast acquisition of data from Computers (Windows, Mac and Linux) and loose media such as USB Flashdrives and memory cards. Intelligent acquisition from Drones. Plus industry-leading capability on over 15,000 mobile phone profiles.

    Comprehensive indexing and search

    Carry out a complete file search through all endpoints in your network on-demand. Perfect for complying with data legisation, such as GDPR and general data access requests.


    Industry leading analytics

    Easily managed Hash Value Matching and Keyword Searching. Arabic and Russian fully supported. Integrated PhotoDNA. AI driven automatic Object ID by category of items depicted in Pictures and Video and much, much more…

    An intuitive solution with a low training burden

    The ethos behind Detego has always been ‘Simple but powerful’. An intuitive and logical interface means that even non-technical staff can be quickly up and running. Fully Certified training courses are just 4 days in length.

    A True End-to-End Solution for






    Detego Case Management

    The central management hub for the creation and management of investigative tasks as well as digital exhibit processing and reporting.

    Detego Enterprise Search

    Fully index enterprise target devices and run ‘Big Data’ analysis and

    Detego Ballistic Imager

    The world’s fastest forensic imaging tool due to its patent-granted technology.

    Detego Field Triage

    Detego® Field Triage is a portable digital forensic solution for field based investigators.

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