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From digital forensics to tactical surveillance, discover how Detego Global are helping a variety of different industries solve 21st-century security challenges.

Event Location: Webinar
Event Dates: 2nd December 2021 11AM CST.
Event Website: GoToWebinar

About the Webinar:
This one-hour webinar will be a detailed look at the Detego Unified Digital Forensics Platform’s end-to-end suite of modular digital forensics tools to rapidly acquire data from digital devices including computers, phones, USB devices, removable media and much more; and an analysis engine to extract maximum actionable data from all evidence types.

Key Features of The Detego Forensics Platform:

  • Data extraction and analysis tools for on-scene and lab-based forensic investigations on all device types.
  • Detego Ballistic Imager is the world’s fastest forensic imaging tool that produces speeds 4x faster than any other imaging solution.
  • Detego Field Triage is a portable digital forensic tool to acquire and act on data from PCs laptops and servers in the field or the forensic lab.
  • Rapidly acquire and view data from multiple USB devices and removable media using Detego Media Acquisition.
  • Detego MD powered by Hancom is our fully integrated mobile device forensics solution to unlock many of the leading Android device models and perform physical and logical extractions from thousands of Android and iOS devices and applications.
  • Detego Analyse gives the investigator powerful, yet easy to use analysis and reporting tools.
  • Detego Fusion is advanced link analysis technology to build a detailed intelligence picture of exhibits, suspects and cases.