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From digital forensics to tactical surveillance, discover how Detego Global are helping a variety of different industries solve 21st-century security challenges.

Event Location: Webinar
Event Dates: 14th April 2021 12 Noon EST.
Event Website: GoToWebinar

About the Event:
This one-hour webinar will be a fast-paced look at the Detego Forensics Platform’s tools for data triage, rapid imaging and data analysis from Windows, macOS and Linux computers.

The Detego All-in-One Triage and Rapid Imaging Solution:

1. Detego Field Triage is the all-in-one solution for investigators who need to rapidly triage computers running Windows, macOS or Linux and acquire live data.
2. Detego Field Triage can be licensed to any USB flash drive or external storage device for a fully portable investigation suite that is ideal for frontline and lab-based investigators.
3. Detego Ballistic Imager is the world’s fastest forensic imaging tool to allow you to achieve imaging speeds 4x faster than the average solution.
4. Combined with Detego Ballistic Imager, an investigator has the added capability of taking a full forensic image of a target device using the worlds fastest imaging tool.