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COVID19 – An Update for our Detego Customers

The Detego team hope's you are all keeping safe and staying strong during these challenging time.

To our Valued Customers,

For all of us right now, it is a challenging time while we do our best to take care of ourselves, our families, loved ones and the wider communities where we live and work.

Primarily the health and well being of our staff, customers, partners, colleagues and local communities is of paramount importance to us and during these uncertain times, we want to reassure you that our focus and dedication remains the same in order to keep you moving forward and maintain the level of service that you have come to expect from us.

Dave Kirk

Sales & Support Update:

The Detego team is currently working remotely and we thought it would be helpful to provide key contact details should you require any assistance from us at this time. These details are provided further down below, along with snapshots of our team members in their respective home offices.

Keep an eye out for our latest version of Detego, version 4.4, which will be released soon. It includes significant User Interface Improvements, Project VIC Updates, Improved Object Identification, Multi-language Optical Character Recognition, Reporting improvements and many more new features.

If you are not already using Detego, please do contact us for a Software Trial and put it to the test.

Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing more help videos and useful content to support your digital forensics investigations and capability. Please do visit our Secure Portal for help guides, recordings of past webinars and much more.

Best Regards, 

John-Paul Backwell
Global Sales & Marketing Director

Sales & Business Development

John-Paul Backwell
Global Sales & Marketing Director
Contact for: Strategic Partnerships, OEM Partnerships,
Commercial Discussions and Demonstrations
E: jp@mcmsolutions.co.uk

Andy Lister
Global Business Development Director & USA Head of Sales
Contact for: Global Sales Queries, Strategic Discussions and Demonstrations
E: andyl@mcmsolutions.co.uk

Simon Warren
Business Development Director
Contact for: Demonstrations, Law Enforcement and Enterprise Related Queries
E: simon@mcmsolutions.co.uk

CJ Hamidi 
Regional Sales Director: North America
Contact for: North American Sales and Distribution Support

Jason Bolze
Regional Sales Manager: Asia, Europe & Middle East
Contact for: Regional Sales and Distribution Support, Technical Demonstrations
E: jason@mcmsolutions.co.uk

Kevin Buchler
Regional Sales Manager: Sub-Saharan Africa
Contact for: Regional Sales and Distribution Support
E: kevin@mcmsolutions.co.uk

Software Trials

James Mutisya
Head of Marketing
Contact for: Software Trials and Secure Portal Access
E: james@mcmsolutions.co.uk

Product Support - Email: support@mcmsolutions.co.uk

Trevor Wooding
Digital Forensics Consultant and Head of Training
E: trevor.wooding@mcmsolutions.co.uk

Ian Salter
Detego Support Lead
E: ian@mcmsolutions.co.uk

Matt Partridge
Detego and Hancom Support
E: matthew.partridge@mcmsolutions.co.uk

Alex White
Detego and Hancom Licensing Support
E: alex.white@mcmsolutions.co.uk


Steve Kidd
Marketing Manager
E: steve.kidd@mcmsolutions.co.uk

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