Detego® Lite equips frontline personnel with a powerful, intuitive and forensically sound solution to rapidly extract and analyse digital evidence whilst in the field.

First responders and investigators can now quickly acquire data from mobiles, smartphones and removable media in a cost-effective and lightweight form factor. This pocket-sized PC includes the essential elements of the Detego® Unified Forensics Platform for fast extraction and triage of a device’s contents by conducting live keyword and hash matching.

Field personnel can take full device backups or utilise the MTP fast rip mode for rapid targeted smartphone data acquisitions within seconds, which leads to actionable intelligence within minutes.

Additionally, investigators can seamlessly pull the acquired data into Detego® Analyse to utilise the automated workflows and advanced analytical functions critical to reducing backlogs and finding the key evidence to solve their case.

Small yet Powerful: Featuring a 7-inch HD touchscreen and an integrated battery with enough capacity to power your Detego® Lite for up to 8 hours, this smartphone-sized mini PC easily fits into your pocket or bag.

Plenty of Connections: Equipped with a wide range of inputs and outputs allowing you to link with just about any device you want, including iOS and Android based smartphones. 

All the Storage You Need: Built from powerful hardware components, this device is equipped with an Intel processor, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage for optimal performance.

Detego® Analyse Included: Once data has been collected in the field, continue your digital investigations at your convenience by importing the information into Detego® Analyse. This included module enables you to conduct further post-processing, including Object Detection, PhotoDNA, Encrypted File Unlocker, Optical Character Recognition and much more.  

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