Accelerate your internal inquires with Detego® Case Management for Investigations; an advanced software solution that enables investigators to organise the huge volumes of information gathered during investigations by collating all of your cases, evidence and processes within a single repository.

This tool provides a 360-degree view of each case, offering real-time access to exhibits, documents, structured and unstructured data like CCTV, pictures and audio files and much more.

Detego® CMI uses interview-style e-forms, customised to your unique business rules, to ensure the right information is collected at the right time. This then guides the investigators through your organisations tried and tested best practices while allowing management to monitor employee productivity and process bottlenecks.


Holistic 360˚ View of All Cases:

​Stop silos of information growing in various unmanageable locations and instead collate all of your evidence within a single central repository. Our intuitive platform can even pool data from multiple third-party sources, giving investigators the insight needed to work productively and ensure cases are resolved promptly.

Total Governance Over Investigative Teams:

Our Case Management platform provides team leaders with the visibility needed to monitor employee productivity, process bottlenecks, assign tasks, push-down updates, license and control user access rights and monitor key statistics.

Automated Workflows Tailored to Your Requirements:

Define best practice rules by preconfiguring e-forms, tables, reports and views to suit your business needs and ensure your organisation operates effectively. Our system also allows you to create automated workflows in just a few steps, streamlining investigations and reducing the burden of manually intensive tasks

Bulletproof Reporting and Concrete Audit Trails:

Easy-to-read dashboards keep a log of all the actions performed on the system while a powerful analytics engine monitors and analyses your cases allowing you to deep dive into this data and generate customisable reports detailing the precise intelligence you are after.


Detego® Case Management for Investigations seamless integration with the Detego® Unified Forensics Platform allows you to analyse and report on data in the shortest time possible leveraging the automated job queues built into the Detego® ecosystem.

CCTV Content Analysis:


Artificial Intelligence (AI) object detection including people, vehicles, weapons and even actions, including arson and the concealing of goods. It also features Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that normalises items like signs, number plates, screenshots and scans into searchable digital content.


Image Content Analysis:


Use contextual deep-learning to understand what’s contained within an image, this process allows them to be automatically tagged ready for rapid searching and filing.


Advanced Link Analysis:


Build up a detailed intelligence picture of exhibits, suspects and cases based on an advanced link analysis infrastructure and expose previously unassociated connections between people, places, evidence and cases.

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