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    The license includes:

    • Detego Ballistic Imager: The world’s fastest forensic imaging tool that produces speeds 4x faster than any other imaging solution.
    • Detego MD powered by Hancom: Advanced mobile device physical and logical extractions for Android, iOS, and other mobile OS.
    • Detego Field Triage: Portable digital forensic tools to acquire and act on data from PCs laptops and servers running Windows, macOS or Linux in the field or the forensic lab.
    • Detego Media Acquisition: Tools to rapidly acquire and view data from USB devices and removable media.
    • Detego Analyse: Powerful, yet easy to use analysis and reporting tools to deep dive into your data and identify the most pertinent intelligence in rapid time.
    • Detego Fusion: Advanced link analysis technology to build a detailed intelligence picture of exhibits, suspects and cases.
    • Passware Add-on: Advanced decryption solution to identify encrypted evidence, recover and break through passwords from 280+ file types all within our unified platform.
    • Rosoka GIST Translation Add-on: Translate foreign language text written in a non-English language (to English).

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