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    5th SWE Digital Forensics & Exploit Virtual Event

    An Accelerated look at the enhancements to our current technologies and methodologies

    Please join us for an accelerated look at what’s new, enhancements made to our current technologies and the methodologies used by our Police, Military & Corporate users.

    If you are new to Detego & CFID or a seasoned user, this will be an informative, fast session – so grab a coffee and lock in the date!

    Event Organisors: Detego Digital ForensicsHi2 Consulting.
    Event Dates: 21 January 2021, 0900 – 1530 CET
    Event Registration: GoToWebinar

    Event Agenda

    0900 – 0910: Welcome & Intro: CEO Hi2 Consulting Magnus K

    0910 – 0920: Detego: Agenda, followed by several fast paced hard hitting 10-15 min interest sessions

    0920 – 0930: Explore Detego’s Ballistic Imaging: ‘Top tips’ from the field, lessons learned from frontline & how to leverage the tool for the fastest imaging on the planet

    0930 – 0945: Preparation is key: Planning a ‘warrant’ or ‘on the X Triage profiles’ for time sensitive extractions, Live and boot forensics

    0945 – 1000: Bags of Fun: Ever found a bag with 20 USB’s, hard drives, camera cards, SD cards & more …this session will concentrate on mass, simultaneous extractions, pre-configuring live time warnings to users as devices extract!
    Bonus: What if the PC is broken, NO power, or you have 10X removed Drives in LAB to extract and analyse

    1000 – 1015: Mobiles made easy: Explore how Detego has integrated & enhanced Hancom’s cutting edge CELLEX technology. Extract from data from tens of thousands of mobile devices & thousands of Apps. Defeat Locked devices such as the latest Samsung’s S7,8,9,10 and investigate seamlessly in Detego Analyse much more…..this is one to watch

    1015 – 1040: Detego Analyse: A high level race through may of the options at your fingertips in Detego. Did you know it can uncover passwords, translate 200+ foreign languages into English, OCR read words from screenshots from phones, A.I auto Object detection of weapons, cars, people, narcotics, nudity and more. Even Map out Drone Flights, utilise Photo DNA & link analysis across devices

    1040 – 1050: Automation: Deep dive into automating many Digital Forensics process that most Lab’s currently carry out individually. This breakthrough technology enables you to line up many multiple forensics tasks together to create LAB investigation profiles that will run for you at a single click.

    1050 – 1120: Friend or Foe: Third parts tools – see how Detego can Ingest other products outputs such as Cellebrite, CFID and image files while enhancing those extractions in your Detego Analyse! Working with other agencies or sharing data, let’s also look at exporting data, Portable Viewer, reports & baked in forensics management

    1120 – 1130: Fast summary, questions, answers and coffee

    1130 – 1200: Training, Portal and Detego support to clients

    1200 – 1300: Lunch 

    1300 – 1315: Detego & Cyan Forensics: The latest methodology in super-fast triage

    1315 – 1330: Detego for the networked environment, Lab, police hubs and secure MOD facilities

    1330 – 1345: CMS – Case Management: A simple solution to complex workflows and investigations

    1400 – 1500: CFID Presentation by Andrew Downey: SCG has developed the CFID for specific use by intelligence and special operations communities, in this session, we will present an overview of the key capabilities focusing on UAV extraction, sim cards and other media, explore the Android viewer functionality as well as some of the other impressive user cases

    1500 – 1515: Detego Road map and final thanks, Q&A and summary

    Event Hosts

    Magnus Karlsson CEO, Hi2 Consulting AB Magnus has a background within Swedish Armed Forces and Special Forces. He has served 11 years in different units. During his latest 5 years within the SF he was deeply involved in exploitation & forensic capacity development. For the last 7 years Magnus is back within the police and serve nowadays as an investigation leader and negotiator.
    Andrew Lister Global BD Director for Detego Digital Forensics Andrew was active in the MOD for 19 years, a Royal Marine & Special Forces Operator, he has vast Operational experience. His final government position was ‘Joint Effects’ Exploit SME leading on covert & conventional Digital Forensics & Exploit. Andrew was notably commended by the head of UK Police’s Counter Terror Command SO15 & Scotland Yard for his ‘Strategic and Tactical’ contribution to UK’s Sensitive Site Exploit. A recognised leader in Digital Media Exploit (DOMEX) & Digital Forensics.
    Andrew Downey Andrew has over 23 years with the Canadian Armed forces including 14 years as a member of the Canadian Special Operations Forces. He has 8+ years experience conducting exploitation operations in advanced data acquisition and analysis for mobile and media devices. He has achieved specialised certifications in cyber security, mobile and media device forensics.
    Brent Salo SCG is a Canadian Company owned and operated by Brent Salo. Brent studied mechanical engineering before starting a long career in Digital Forensics and support to the Canadian Special Operation Forces. Brent spent numerous years working on forensic programs and eventually developed the CFID for specific use by intelligence and special operations communities.