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On Scene Forensics

On-scene triage & evidence acquisition tools for technical and
non-technical operators

Lab Based Forensics

Lab Forensics

Acquire, Automate and Analyse digital evidence in a forensically
sound manner.

Enterprise Solutions

Bespoke Case Management and eDiscovery solutions.

Ballistic Imager Graph


Forensically image hard drives in minutes not hours

  • Target and image Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems live and via boot.
  • Forensically sound, with MD5, SHA1 & SHA256 validation.
  • No need to remove the hard drive.
  • Fits in your pocket.


Detego Field Triage

Portable digital forensic tool for field-based investigators to acquire
and act on data captured from PCs, laptops and servers.

  • Rapid automated triage solution.
  • Provides alerts of suspicious items through a red, amber and green status.
  • Highly configurable search profiles.
  • Quickly acquire usernames and passwords.

The complete digital investigation platform, offering tools and solutions to
aid examiners across multiple industries.

Forensic Labs

Lab Forensics

Helping forensics labs set up and prepare for the future of
digital technology.


Dependable frontline digital forensic solutions for the world’s
modern military.

Law Enforcement

On Scene Forensics

Helping today’s police forces obtain critical evidence and speed up their investigations.

Intelligence Agencies

Helping today’s police forces obtain critical evidence and speed up their investigations.


Bespoke Case Management and eDiscovery solutions, specific to your organisation’s requirements.

Detego is the trusted solution for elite military, law enforcement units, intelligence agencies and corporate enterprises around the world.

We have used Detego® constantly in both field deployments and within our labs, greatly affecting a wide variety of criminal investigations and serious organised crime intelligence gathering operations.

In my many years of examining digital devices, I can boldly say that the Detego® software is a tool that all Forensic Examiners should have in their labs. I would gladly recommend it to my colleagues in other sister agencies.