Protecting enterprises from malicious threat – A complete Data Leak Prevention (DLP) technology

Organisations worldwide now have to address the importance of identifying and deterring insider threats, whereas in previous years the mindset has always been focused on the external hacker. A key factor in this change of attitude is that insiders of all job descriptions have authorised access and knowledge of valuable data. Using their privileged access rights as a smokescreen, an insider can cause devastating effects that are difficult, if not impossible, to prevent and eliminate.

By implementing DataGuard you can relax in the knowledge that your company’s assets are being protected by a company with over 12 years’ experience in the security industry. DataGuard’s low cost sophisticated technology proactively deploys comprehensive internal network visibility and security analytics, to protect your organisations sensitive information and intellectual property.


Why is DataGuard so beneficial to your organisation?

• Simple-to-use interface with cloud based server hosting also allowing for a no hassle set up!
• Live video monitoring with date, time and user details
• Detailed recording, scanning and reviewing of all internet activity
• Protecting corporate and sensitive data
• Extensive, in-depth audits and logging of all files
• Creation of multiple watch-lists with a priority scale
• Improve operational efficiency and increase productivity
• Advanced reporting on activities and digital behaviours

Deployment suitability

• Corporate investigations