NaqLab – Processing Call Data Records Immediately

Automatic Processing & Cleansing of Network and Billing Record Data

Today, Analysts from all Police Forces employ manual labour intensive methods to convert and process (e.g. removing duplicates, standardising format and layout, normalising data) the Mobile Phone Operator’s Network and Billing records. This alone results in thousands of lost man hours every year and takes time – sometimes days – in often time critical cases and investigations.

NaqLab converts the Network and Billing records and processes them immediately into a standard specification (including Excel). It processes the data using the identical manual methods that Analysts employ today.


“NaqLab has had an immediate impact on performance. The software has increased our efficiency significantly and allows us to do our jobs of being analysts rather than data processors.”

Lisa Thompson, South Yorkshire Police

Key Product Features

• Instant availability and usage of the billing data investigations and major crimes.
• Immediate input into crime management and intelligence systems.
• Immediately acting on and starting other lines of enquiry.
• Analysts spend their time analysing not manually processing billing data before they can start the analysis.
• Saving thousands of man-hours of analysts time.
• Reduces human error. • 30,000 line call data records processed and ready for mapping in under 20 minutes.

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