Detego® Field IIOC

Pinpointing Evidence has Never Been Quicker

Detego® Field IIOC/ICAC enables both technical and non-technical investigators with minimal training, to insert a USB device into a target device and rapidly identify the presence of IIOC/ICAC content, and produce an evidential court report, typically in under 20 minutes.
The unique traffic light system (patent pending 1509436.0) instantly flashes red when known (illegal/suspicious) files are detected, such as user defined MD5 and SHA1 hashes, for example indecent images of children. Amber for suspicious content or activity, such as encryption (Bitlocker and TruCrypt) and predefined keywords. Green if the target computer is clear of a specific search type. The streamlined process reduces IIOC/ICAC investigation times, training burden and costs, allowing for evidence from the target device to be introduced earlier to a court case.


Key Product Features of Field IIOC

• Rapid identify IIOC/ICAC activity or presence of IIOC/ICAC images on target computers and digital devices
• Fully forensically sound and compliant with ACPO guidelines
• Simple to use, with minimal training requirements for non-technical investigators
• Integrates with Police IIOC/ICAC databases and Intelligence databases
• Unique traffic light system (patent pending 1509436.0)
• Court level reports
• Integrates seamlessly with Detego® Analyse and other integrated components such as Detego® Lab Edition’ Indecent Images of Children (IIOC) solution.

Deployment Suitability

• Law Enforcement investigations
• Private investigators

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