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Growing Insider Threat Concerns

The insider threat and data loss pose huge risks for all organisations. In a variety of industries, highly publicised data loss/theft cases have caused a massive negative impact on the brands’ reputation, shareholder value and associated legal ramifications. 91% of all UK organisations interviewed feel vulnerable to insider threats (Source: Vormetric Global Insider Threat Report 2015). As a result, over 50% reported increased digital security and data protection budgets.

Unfortunately, insider threat warning signs can go undetected in many originations. Don’t become an insider breach statistic, stay protected with DataGuard! Our comprehensive solution will proactively monitor, record and report on an employee’s digital behaviour, providing an invaluable data leak prevention solution.

How Does DataGuard Make Investigations Quick and Efficient?

We are working closely with Enterprises and SME’s to rapidly detect insider threats such as:

• Data Loss Protection – taking copies of confidential files by email or connecting USB devices and copying them across
• Employees who are or have been radicalised
• Fraud and corporate data theft including Intellectual Property, finances and other assets
• Downloading indecent and inappropriate material
• Misplaced sensitive confidential files
• Employees knowingly/unknowingly contain corporate data on their personal devices (BYOD)
• Employees whose digital behaviour’s suddenly change

Simple to Use

Simple to use

Unlike other solutions, DataGuard has an easily navigable interface allowing users to filter relevant information. DataGuard is a complete data protection solution that detects, records and reports.

Discrete Investigations

Discrete Investigations

DataGuard covertly integrates with network systems, whilst not interrupting workplace performance. Employees can complete all day to day actions, without blocking or warning, allowing for a comprehensive log of user activity.

Rapid Warning Detection

Rapid Warning Detection

Receive warnings and alerts of sensitive data movement from predefined thresholds with a configurable threat level

Enterprises and SME’s would find the following products beneficial in the support of investigations and enhancing data leak prevention capabilities:

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