Detego® Ultimate

As data size grows and criminal methodology changes we are combating the problems highlighted to us by Government, Law Enforcement and Military organisations at the highest levels. Detego® Ultimate is a suite of tools  that can take a technical and non-technical user and provide them with the same level of abilities gained from years of complex digital forensic training in as little as 2 days. Our solutions are now becoming the essential choice for the seasoned investigators who wants to upgrade from traditional forensic tools as well as the end users who needs instant, powerful capabilities.

Designed initially for Elite forces operations, Detego® Ultimate allows operators and investigators to forensically examine, analyse and report on digital data acquired from Windows, Apple Mac and Linux systems, Mobile, Smartphones & Tablets, USB devices and other removable media (such as SD cards, portable external drives, IDE and SATA drives, CD, DVD, blue Ray, etc.). Detego® Ultimate has evolved through extensive development into the first end-to-end, user friendly, digital solution. Now the choice set of tools utilized by multiple Tier one operations groups and Law Enforcement Globally.

9 powerful digital tools can be included in the suite of tools that can be used separately or in unison. Detego® Ultimate includes:

• Detego® Analyse
• Detego® Field Triage
• Detego® Field IIOC
• Detego® Ballistic Imager
• Detego® Media Acquisition
• Detego® Boot Environment
• Detego® Covert
• Detego® Oxygen (for Mobile, Tablet & Cloud)
• Detego® Fusion
• Deployment case


“The capability and usability provided by MCM Solutions uniquely fits our needs as a forward leaning Military unit. We had several complex issues and capability gaps, which they have plugged and are helping to continually improve on”. The full Suite of tools has enabled a simple single source procurement and quantum leap forward in our Digital Exploit and Cyber capability.”

Undisclosed Special Operations MEDEX/DOMEX SME

It’s Time to Revolutionise Old Digital Forensic Kits

• High value results covering full spectrum digital exploit
• Simple-to-use with quick run options, touch button technology and an easily navigable user interface
• Single source, end-to-end capability, which lowers procurement issues
• Rapid extractions with the world’s fastest (patent granted) imaging tool and traffic light system (patent pending 1509436.0) to identify the relevance of target devices
• Customisable in conjunction with specialist operator or officer requirements

Typical Deployment Scenarios

• Direct Strike operations
• SSE exploit, hot pursuit, DOMEX/TME/MEDEX
• Covert/discrete operations
• Hotel creeps, covert entry, baggage search, internet café

Discover the Power of Detego®