Detego® Oxygen

Leading Mobile and Tablet Forensic Capability

Detego® Oxygen Mobiles and Tablets is a leading exploitation tool that performs both logical and physical acquisitions from over *12,000 mobile devices to acquire the complete evidence set from devices and backups.

Features also included various device backups, importing and parsing of images with a complete actual and deleted data acquisition capability.

Parsing of *315+ unique Mobile apps and *1,600+ app versions.

*Figures as of March 2016


Detego® Oxygen Mobiles and Tablets includes the following features:

• Simple to use, with minimal training requirements for non-technical and technical investigators
• Android OS backups/images
• Blackberry backups/images
• Apple IOS backup/images
• Nokia
• Windows Phone
• Include case/evidence details
• Device identity with summaries
• Export Engine
• Added as a case and exhibit to the case management system
• Seamless integration with Detego® Analyse
• Court level reports

Deployment Suitability

• Law Enforcement investigations
• Private investigations
• Military operations

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