Detego® Media Acquisition

Detego’s® Media Acquisition is a rapid, automated and simple to use forensic imager and viewer for USB devices and other removable media (such as SD cards, portable external drives IDE and SATA drives, CD , DVD, blue Ray etc.) Detego’s® Media Acquisition is designed to tackle the increasing demand on time as a limited resource in terms of both acquisition, investigation and report management as often experienced by both Military operators and police digital forensic investigators.

Detego® Media Acquisition allows the end user to forensically image multiple devices simultaneously (in minutes) but crucially added to this is the key ability to acquire and examine both live and deleted files. This feature aids both field operations where time is critical and lab investigations with rapid data acquisition, imaging, automation of analysis and producing court level report outputs.


Product Features of Detego® Media Acquisition

• View live and deleted data for easy identification of case critical information
• Forensically image single or multiple removable devices
• Automatically match against pre-loaded watch-lists, hash sets and skin and face detection
• Pause and pin ability to maximise investigation capabilitiy
• Rapid extraction times from pre-defined parameters
• ‘Plug and play’ with touch button results for technical and nom-technical users
• Seamless integration with Detego® Analyse

Deployment Suitability

• Law Enforcement investigations
• Military and Intelligence Agencies operations
• Sensitive Site and Tactical Media Exploitation
• Covert and surveillance Teams
• Border security
• Corporate investigations
• Private investigators

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