Detego® CyberHawk

Detego® CyberHawk is a powerful surveillance, counter-surveillance and VIP / Force Protection solution that will covertly uncover potential suspects / suspicious persons and unveil other sensitive information, giving operators or investigators an early warning of any threats close by.

Due to its sensitivity, Detego® CyberHawk holds a particular confidential nature, for more details on the product, please contact us.


“We found MCMS to be responsive, efficient, profoundly competent and highly proactive. The work conducted with Detego® CyberHawk reached into a new area of significant importance to both strengthening evidential support to an alibi and in providing powerful evidence in support of a client’s location at a given time / date that was unchallengeable in court.”

Simon Clarke, Cartwright King

Product Features of Detego® CyberHawk

• Collect data in the surrounding area and create redlists / whitelists of unsafe and safe devices through detailed data management processes
• Detailed reporting on detected devices (export / import)
• Filter through all recorded data with detailed queries
• Real-time alerts from redlisted devices in close proximity
• Easily navigable interface
• Sortable and searchable table formatting
• Portable, concealable and lightweight

Deployment Suitability

• Building Security Services
• Close Protection / VIP / Force Protection Teams
• Law Enforcement investigations
• Military operations
• Covert / discrete operations

Discover the Power of Detego®