Detego® BlueStreak

Detego® BlueStreak is an all in one imaging solution for Hard Disk Drives and Storage Media, housed in a single high powered tower system. It has been developed with a leading UK Police Force in order to deliver efficiencies, increase operational outputs, reduce costs and standardise the currently slow process of image management.

Detego® BlueStreak will concurrently image multiple drives/USB devices in E01 format. It is fast and requires minimal training for both technical and non–technical users. Detego® BlueStreak can concurrently image 3 x 1TB Hard Disk Drives in 3.5 hours.


Key Features of Detego® BlueStreak

• Simultaneously images devices/hard drives
• Forensically compliant and integrates with Forensic LabDock write-blocking hardware
• Supports multiple formatting including E01
• Fully forensically sound with all relevant verify cations
• Case/exhibit management for all processed images
• Evidential auditing trails and imaging logs generated during acquisition
• Integrates seamlessly with Detego® Analyse and other integrated components such as Detego® Lab Edition’ Indecent Images of Children (IIOC) solution.

Deployment suitability

• Forensic or Field Laboratory
• High Tech Crime Unit

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