Our Story 

MCM Solutions is a British Company that has developed a range of innovative, digital data based solutions for Military, Intelligence Agencies, Police and Law Enforcement, predominantly around covert and overt rapid data extraction and instant, often automated, intelligence and analysis.

Our Aim

We aim to provide high quality, easy to use, affordable products to all of our customers and are devoted to assisting and working alongside them in order to enhance their data acquisition, forensics, analysis,  intelligence and data exchange capabilities. For a number of customers, we develop bespoke solutions, particularly where functionality is confidential or sensitive in nature.

Our other niche solutions provide Enterprises with digital protection against ‘the insider threat’, data leakage, anti-fraud and eDiscovery investigative solutions.

Our Innovation 

We are proud that our solutions provide the Specialist Units within the Ministry of Defence the main capability for digital data acquisition.  To achieve this position, we developed our patented technologies to fix long-standing, complex, security problems that the MoD had been told couldn’t be delivered. We are committed to this approach.