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Digital Data Acquisition

Exploitation & Forensics

Our advanced digital data acquisition and digital media exploitation tools are revolutionising field operators and lab specialist’s abilities to detect and acquire evidence and intelligence at world leading speeds.

Digital Data Analysis


Seamlessly integrate acquisitions into Detego® Analyse’s comprehensive single hub. Enjoy the powerful, automative capabilities to rapidly search, categorise, acquire and analyse large volumes of digital data.

Data Leak Prevention


Our comprehensive e-Discovery and data leak prevention solution enables organisations to proactively manage and protect sensitive data while providing full visibility over a network.

The Detego® Suite

The All-in-One Digital Data Exploitation and Forensics Tool

“A quantum leap forward in our Digital Exploitation and Cyber capability”

Specialist Military Operator, United Kingdom

Digital Forensics for Every Situation

The Detego® Suite, our all-in-one digital data forensics solution is deployable against Windows, Apple Mac and Linux systems, Mobiles, Tablets, USB devices and other removable media (such as SD cards, portable external drives, IDE, SATA and SSD drives, CD, DVD, blue Ray, etc.).

At MCMS, we recognise that digital investigations can require overcoming complex challenges. This however doesn’t have to be the case with the software used. Our solutions have been designed with Specialist Units from challenges that they have previously faced and will provide you with the visibility, speed and automation needed to gain the information required, in any situation, often with time-limiting factors – MCMS provides solutions in response to these challenges.